Install Windows from a USB drive


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WinToUSB is a tool that allows the installation of a Windows operating system from a removable drive such as a pendrive or an external hard drive.

With this program, any user can copy the ISO image of the original CD to the external drive to make it the installation source instead of using a physical disc.

This program is a great way to keep the Windows installer on a USB so you can have it with you at all times, or run it from computers that no longer have the CD reader. You only have to copy it onto the removable drive and insert it into any computer.

The program is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8. In particular, in this latest version, the 8.1, it's possible to create a live boot system like those used by the LiveCD for certain Linux distributions, thanks to the Windows To Go USB technology included in latest Microsoft operating system.

WinToUSB offers an interface that makes using the program relatively easy; just load the ISO image, select it and follow the steps with a simple click. What's more, if what you're looking for is to create a WinPE boot unit, you can also transfer it to your USB with this application.
How to create a portable version of Windows on a USB stick

We’ve already explained before on this blog how to install an operating system from a USB stick, but today we’re going to take this a step further. You probably already know that the installation disks for many Linux distributions include a Live-CD so you can use the distro without having to install it. Today, on a similar vein, we’re going to learn to save a portable version of Windows and work with it from a pendrive using the WinToUSB program, which also lets you store data and save your preferences for repeat use.
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It is recommended that the size of the USB drive be greater than 8GB.

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